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Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that enables software robots to emulate a human's interactions with digital systems. Utilization of RPA allows business processes to be completed in a more timely and consistent manner than human interaction at a much lower cost. This frees human resources to leverage their intelligence making them more strategic and reducing attrition.

Predikly is a leading provider of discovering high value business processes automations, then building and deploying software bots on enterprise RPA platforms.

Automation is most effectively delivered in two phases:

Discovery & Mining Phase - In any organization, the first step to increasing efficiencies requires the collection of actionable data. Predikly has partnered with the leading companies specializing in the Discovery and Mining process. This step gives organizations a data driven structured view of how work happens on the ground and identifies benefits which can be realized from applying targeted change programs at any level of the organization. The ultimate deliverable from the Discovery and Mining activity is a business use case that validates the business value of automating any target process.

Automation Phase - Once the business use case for automation has been validated, Predikly will assign a dedicated team of automation (typically RPA) experts to design, develop, and deploy the bots on an enterprise RPA platform.

Predikly is a premier partner of Automation Anywhere, Automation Anywhere, a major RPA software provider in the market and the only cloud native provider in the world.


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