Financial Data Integration Platform

Development & Implementation of Cloud based Curated Business Intelligence Platform for US Financial Professionals to manage large security portfolios.

Consider Financial Data Integration Platform if you need :

  • Integrated form design
  • Standardized form sets
  • Multiple data entry paths, including web, ODK Collect, and SMS
  • Multiple mission/project management
  • Advanced user management with multiple permission levels
  • SMS broadcasting
  • Custom, real-time reporting
  • Offline operation in poorly-connected areas





& Reporting

The webpage provided access to :

  • SMS reporting guide
  • Download links for Java and Android mobile apps
  • Download links for CASE training videos

The access link for the webpage was circulated to various civil society stakeholders including the Situation Room, CSO deployment partners and international development partners.


Business need

  • Lack of single IT platform for Financial Professionals to manage large portfolios and get real time information of the portfolio.
  • Too much data available but at multiple locations resulting in delayed decision making.
  • Constantly growing need of accessibility of financial data for give financial professionals the insight they need, not just the numbers.


Solutation Provides

  • Take Informed Decision – Gives financial professionals the insight they need, not just the numbers.
  • Consolidated View on fingertips - Helps financial Professionals to take decisions based on information at one place.
  • Transparency - Access to Clients provides necessary transparency.
  • Optimized Cost - Annualized price to customer – Less Investment with Immediate Benefits.


Business Benifits

  • Cloud based SAAS Platform.
  • Portfolio Analytics to track multiple portfolios in few clicks.
  • Compare Performance with benchmarks.
  • Track ETF's just like equities with detailed performance, metrics & top allocations.
  • Equity Research includingAnalyst ratings, related news, & performance information.
  • FIPS 140-2 Security for data.


Tools and Technologies

  • HTML

  • Bootstrap

  • SASS

  • jQuery

  • Node.js

  • Meteor

  • Node.js

  • AmazonWeb



Finacial Data Integrations


Clients Portfolios

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