News and Social Media
Integration Platform

News and Social Media Integration Platform is a mobile data collection and analysis web application. Originally designed for the Carter Center for election observation missions. News and Social Media Integration Platform can be used in many different contexts for data collection.

News and Social Media Integration Platform can retrieve data from several sources :

  • Twitter (Tweets matching a keyword search)
  • Facebook (Comments from publicly accessible groups and pages)
  • RSS (Article Titles and Descriptions)

Items (called reports) from all sources are streamed into the application. Monitors can quickly triage incoming reports by marking them as relevant or irrelevant. Relevant reports can be grouped into incidents for further monitoring and follow-up. Reports are fully searchable and filterable via a fast web interface. Report queries can be saved and tracked over time via a series of visual analytics. Aggie is built for scalability and can handle hundreds of incoming reports per second. The backend fetching and analytics systems feature a modular design well-suited to parallelism and multi-core architectures.




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