Sunil Ranka , Founder of Predikly is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council and frequent contributor to Forbes Magazine. Having spent years investing in and building businesses, Sunil is a sought after expert in the Automation industry.

Below are some of the articles he has recently written for the Magazine.

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19 | Feb
Why Unlearning What You've Learned Is Key For Automation?

When I heard the word "oxymoron" for the first time, I thought it was fascinating that this contradiction is so pervasive it is considered valid grammar, so much so that we have a well-known word.

21 | April
An Industry Experience-Based Checklist For Successful RPA Implementation?

All robotic process automation (RPA) implementations are likely to face unpredictable and challenging situations as they are adopted more by mainstream businesses.

25 | Apr
Unraveling A Robotic Process Automation Center Of Excellence

In the world of complex business functions, centers of excellence (COE) are becoming eminent as crucial strategic assets, serving as the primary medium for managing robotic process automation initiatives.

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