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The key to success of any RPA process is the discovery and mining process. Companies need actionable data to know where efficiencies can be improved or find areas where potential bottlenecks may exist.

Predikly has partnered with two of the leading providers in the space to generate the information necessary to make data based decisions regarding various RPA implementations.

One of these options is Scout, a work graph platform provided by our partnership with Soroco. A work graph is a connected sequence of steps that teams execute to get work done. It is, in essence, a map of how teams execute digital work, and it lies at the intersection of people, work, and technology. Once discovered, the work graph enables teams to collaborate and work more effectively.

Another of these options is Fortress IQ. Their AI & machine driven learning solution is able to produce potential areas for business process automation in addition to modeling, and documentation with accuracy and insights previously unattainable with traditional methods.

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